This is a SECURE page that allows GP Surgeries to refer a Deaf or hard of hearing patient to Deaf4Deaf.

Each question on the form below needs to be completed before the form can be sent to us.


How does a referral work for the surgery?

When Deaf4Deaf receive a referral from the surgery the patient will be asked to self-refer into Deaf4Deaf, this patient referral is in BSL. The patient will then be invited into a Assessment session with a qualified counsellor.

Click Here for Self-Patient Assessment

The assessment session in collaboration with the self-referral completed by the patient will form the basis of a full application completed by Deaf4Deaf for the patient.


Deaf4Deaf will send this full document to the surgery by recorded postal delivery. The Surgery will then manage the application from this point, generally the surgery will simply complete a letter in support of the application and send it to the funding panel or mental health commissioner of the applying surgeries NHS region.


If you have any further questions please contact or use telephone number 07539 877357


GP Surgery or Referring Organisation Referral


Deaf4Deaf cannot guarantee any application will be accepted by the NHS, each application is based on its own merits.