NHS Paid & Private Deaf Counselling Service

What we offer?

We can offer free NHS paid deaf counselling in most regions of the UK as well as giving you the option to pay for counselling yourself.

Our counselling service is delivered by a team of deaf and hearing therapists who are experts in sign language.

Each counsellor has an in-depth knowledge of deaf culture.

Each counsellor is bound by the BACP confidentiality code of ethics.


NHS Paid Counselling

Since April 2012, patients have more choice about which health services they can use within the NHS and can choose from a range of providers all of whom meet NHS standards and quality requirements.

Deaf4Deaf work with most NHS regions in the UK, we provide specialist deaf counselling without the use of interpreters.

To apply for NHS paid deaf counselling you must first self-refer by completing our self-assessment form or speak to your doctor to refer to us.

When we receive your self-assessment or doctors referral, we will invite you into a free assessment session. This session helps us make a comprehensive detailed application for you.

NHS funding applications generally take between 8 and 12 weeks. and is not guaranteed to be accepted by the NHS.

Privately Paid Deaf Counselling

You can pay privately yourself for deaf counselling. The benefits of paying for counselling include:  

  • Being in control of your counselling (not NHS time limited)  
  • Having a choice of longer-term therapy models 
  • Have a wider choice of counselling approaches that are not covered by the NHS  
  • Start counselling immediately

Some people start paying privately and then if NHS funding is accepted switch over to the NHS option.

We offer two options to pay for counselling:

  • Pay by the session at £48
  • Buy a group of 6 sessions at a discounted price of £228, this is a £10 reduction per session
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Choice of Counsellor

Sometimes because we are a minority group we socialise in small regional circles, it is common to find that the local counsellor may be known to friends or family. This could be one of the reasons you may wish to choose an alternative counsellor that you know does not move in the same social circles as you. 




Sign language comes in many forms, choosing your counsellor will help you match the language of your counsellor.  

We offer a unique video counselling service that allows you a choice of counsellor to work with.

If you are prepared to travel we can offer in-person counselling in Birmingham, Stoke-on-Trent, London, Surrey, Glasgow, Dundee, Wales and some parts of Ireland. 

You can view the counsellor’s video profiles on our team page and make your selection. 

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