Deaf Cultured Therapists for Psychotherapy, BSL (British Sign Language) &/or SSE (Sign supported Sign Language) Counselling

We use secure online video therapy rooms that cater for deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people in all locations of the UK.  We offer psychological therapy, psychotherapy and counselling, both long term and short term. Clients can choose from our team pages who they work with. This choice can remove the possibility that the counsellor is known to friends or family. The kind of problems that we deal with in counselling is anger, stress, confidence and assertion, sexuality, OCD, anxiety, depression, alcoholism, addiction, and life-decisions. Psychotherapy is at its best with questions about life and love relationships, and feelings of emptiness or lacking purpose.

BSL Counselling & PsychotherapyBSL Counselling

D4D offer Individual Therapy. Our service is open 8 am to 10 pm weekdays.

We offer clients a choice of 2 options:

1. We offer clients an opportunity to pay for sessions and start BSL or SSE counselling immediately.

2. D4D can also apply to the NHS for free BSL or SSE counselling for you. D4D manages the application for you. 

Counselling services we offer:

Choose the BSL counselling service from the comprehensive selection below. Once you have selected, click the button and be transported to your page of choice for more information.

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How we communicate 

As a team, we communicate in all deaf and hard of hearing styles. D4D allow clients to choose their counsellor, this can be based on many factors including matching of communication styles. We are linguistically and culturally matched with the clients that come to us. Our counsellors are a mixture of native BSL users, SSE, Oral and a hearing counsellor who has a BSL qualification 6 and understands the uniqueness of the deaf culture. 

What are the benefits?  

No lost time explaining deaf culture, no need to book interpreters, no travelling to GP surgeries, choice of counselling services including applying for NHS funding or paying privately.

Working together as equal partners 

We believe in therapists and clients working together as equal partners to address client concerns. Our approach to BSL counselling is primarily deaf-centered and humanistic in orientation. D4D are conscious of how deaf people’s lives are shaped by their experiences and identity.

 Qualified team of counsellors  rsz_d4d_74  

100% confidential, BSL counselling from BACP, licensed and experienced counsellors. D4D counsellors have studied and worked with deaf and hard of hearing clients. D4D work with serious mental health problems and sometimes with clients who have been inadequately assessed by counsellors who have no knowledge of deafness or deaf culture.

Improving accessibility   

Why? Improve accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing people, who want to access deaf orientated BSL counselling services.

How is it more accessible? Clients can access our services from their home or work using an internet connection.

How are our services delivered?  rsz_d4d_74  

Deaf language is visual and expressive which is perfectly suited for face to face video BSL counselling and psychotherapy. D4D services are delivered in secure online therapy rooms. 

How to contact us? 


D4D know that some people want a choice in contacting us. We have made this as easy as possible by setting up a Skype video messaging system. This allows people to use a natural communication style that can express more than in a written message. To explain this process, we have set up a video on the contact page that will explain how to send a video message.


Welcome to our Team Pages

1- Select your counsellor from the below pictures (click picture to select a counsellor)
2- Watch counsellor profile video in BSL or SSE
3- Choose your counsellor to work with

Once you have selected your counsellor, contact us to proceed using our  written or video message facility



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Hearing, BSL level 6



Native BSL user



BSL, SSE, Oral


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