deaf therapists

deaf therapists

What we offer – We are deaf-owned and operated counselling and psychotherapy practice, we are staffed by deaf focused licensed professional therapists. We specialise in working with deaf people and their families, we are committed to enhancing lives through empowerment and positive change. Our core operation revolves around individual long and short term counselling and psychotherapy.

Working with you – We deliver counselling to deaf and hard of hearing communities. Our deaf-led team can communicate in BSL (British sign language), ISL (Irish sign language), SSE (signed spoken English) or by lip-reading using visual expressions. you choose who you work with, not us.

Core elements – All our counsellors and psychotherapists are mindful of the core elements that make our deaf group a unique linguistic and cultural group,

  • Communicating to one’s desired style.
  • Adhering to one’s visual expression.
  • By respecting our deaf community.
  • Understating ones deaf identity.
  • Sense of strong belonging of our group.

Visual language – Sign language (BSL) is a  visual spatial language which has its own vocabulary and distinctive grammar and structure, it bears no relation to spoken English. Much of the information we use to communicate comes from facial expressions and body language. There is no written version, which could be why many deaf people find reading and writing difficult. Visual expression and sign language is what the deaf culture is based on.

Confidentiality – We have many different drivers that makes us unique.Our values and principles are driven by open and direct communication within deaf group situations.A key driver when entering counselling is possibly making sure your counsellor is not known to your friends and family, this is the reason we alloy you the option of choosing who you want to work with from our team pages which could be based on your communication style for example.

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deaf therapists

deaf therapists

deaf therapists

Our starting point – We understand that open, easy and relaxed communication is the starting point of any deaf focused service. That is exactly what we will deliver. We are mindful that deaf culture is a process in which the values, beliefs and ethics are transmitted from one generation to another. Being aware of one’s own cultural traditions supports one’s identity and awareness of self.

Different backgrounds – Our deaf service team members come from various educational backgrounds, ranging from deaf residential or mainstream educational establishments; including deaf units in hearing mainstream schools. We have all had careers working with the hearing community, and understand the emotions, feelings, barriers and associated difficulties that deaf and hard of hearing people may experience.

linguistic and cultural group – All our therapists are mindful of the core elements that make the deaf group a unique linguistic and cultural group, by communicating to one’s desired style, adhering to one’s visual expression, by respecting the deaf community, deaf identity and the sense of strong belonging of the group.

Counselling/Psychotherapy with deaf therapists using:

  • BSL (British Sign Language)
  • ISL (Irish Sign Language) 
  • SSE (Sign supported sign language) 

Live video technology – Our deaf therapists use any video application that suits you for our online video therapy room, we cater for deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people in all locations of the UK.  We offer psychological deaf therapy,/psychotherapy and counselling, both long term and short term. Clients can choose from our deaf therapists team pages to decide who they work with. This choice can remove the possibility that the deaf therapist is known to friends or family. The kind of problems that we deal with in counselling is anger, stress, confidence/assertion, sexuality, OCD, anxiety, depression, alcoholism, addiction, and life-decisions. Psychotherapy is at its best with questions about life and love relationships, and feelings of emptiness or lacking purpose.

How we communicate – As a team our deaf therapists, we communicate in all deaf and hard of hearing styles. we allow clients to choose their counsellor, this can be based on many factors including matching of communication styles. We are linguistically and culturally matched with the clients that come to us. Our deaf therapists  are a mixture of native BSL & ISL users, SSE, Oral and hearing counsellors who have a Sign Language qualification 6 as a minimum, each counsellor understands the uniqueness of deaf culture.

Working together as equal partners – We believe in our deaf therapists and clients working together as equal partners to address client concerns. Our approach to Sign Language counselling is primarily deaf-centered and humanistic in orientation. Our deaf therapists are conscious of how deaf people’s lives are shaped by their experiences and identity.

Qualified 100% confidential, Sign Language counselling from BACP, licensed and experienced counsellors. D4D counsellors have studied and worked with deaf and hard of hearing clients. D4D work with serious mental health problems and sometimes with clients who have been inadequately assessed by counsellors who have no knowledge of deafness or deaf culture.