Once you have submitted the self-assessment, Deaf4Deaf will start processing your NHS application.

Deaf4Deaf will offer you a free online session, this session talks about your mental health in more depth. 

Deaf4Deaf then submit this paperwork to your doctor, your doctor will need to approve the paperwork. 

Proof of Counselling Needs

Deaf4Deaf will need to prove to the NHS that your counselling is essential, we will need to make a full application which involves a large amount of paperwork. This paperwork includes a full description of the mental health issues you could be facing. 


Your Doctors Support

We will ask you to visit your doctor after the paperwork is submitted, this is to ensure your doctor has submitted the paperwork to the NHS. 


NHS Funding Panel

When the NHS receives the application, the funding panel will assess your application, a decision will be made. 



The NHS has no national panel that decides each application, the NHS is split into regions, each region has different rules on what they consider to be exceptional reasons to grant counselling for you. The average timescale for a decision to be made is 8 weeks after your doctor has submitted the paperwork.


Data Protection Laws

Deaf4Deaf will no longer receive updates from your doctor regarding the progress of your application.
When 8 weeks have passed we will ask you to visit your doctor again to check on the progress of your application. Sometimes doctors have been informed of the decision and neither you or Deaf4Deaf have been informed. 

Success Failure


Deaf4Deaf cannot guarantee success on any application we submit for funding.