Deaf Focused Employee Assistance Program

We can help with your Deaf Focused Employee Assistance Program, We help staff come to terms with working in a majority hearing organisation. Our tailored programmes can help increase your employees’ resilience, or help them back on their feet if they’re struggling. We help your Deaf or Deafened employees return to work with essential counselling or coaching. 


1 in 4 deaf people have quit their job 


  • 72% of deaf people have received no support because of being deaf in finding a job
  • 65% believe developments in technology have made it easier to be deaf in the workplace
  • 56% have experienced discrimination in the workplace due to being deaf or hard of hearing
  • 25% have left a job due to feelings of discrimination
  • 19% have not told their employer they are deaf or have experienced hearing loss

Feelings of discrimination play a large part in the working lives of deaf people and many are forced to quit their jobs because of it

While the vast majority (74%) of deaf people feel confident they have the right skills to look for work, almost the same number (72%) has received no support because of being deaf in finding a job. Furthermore, only 13% believe there is enough support available to help deaf people to look for work.


GP Surgery or Referring Organisation Referral


Pricing is £95 per session, the Super6 is not eligible for organisation counselling.