We have appointments for privately paid counselling that is available from first thing in the morning until late into the evening. Our team of experienced counsellors can offer confidential support at a time that works for you


Benefits of Paying Privately

Having your sessions over a longer period of time  

Being in control of your counselling (not NHS time limited)  

Having a choice of longer-term therapy models that are not time limited  

Have a wider choice of counselling approaches that are not covered by the NHS  

Take advantage of counselling for any mental health issue


The 2 Options Available


Pay by Session

Session payments are £48, these are paid by bank transfer before the time of the session.



The Super6 is a group of 6 session brought in advance of the first session. These sessions are discounted to make the overall counselling cost more affordable.

The Super6 is £228 for 6 sessions which makes each session £38.

The Super6 is paid by bank transfer of PayPal.


Service Delivery

We are first and foremost an online therapy service as we wanted to make it affordable, however, our therapists can offer face-to-face sessions if this is preferred and you live close to a therapist or are willing to travel.

Our private therapists can offer support for a wide range of issues and use a number of approaches to therapy.


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The Privately Paid pricing is for Deaf Clients wishing to access Deaf Direct Counselling at a price that is affordable to them. Both plans the Super6 & by session payments are reduced by 50% to make this affordable. This price point is not available to professional organisations.