D4D is a team of Deaf Mental Health Counsellors & Psychotherapists from different backgrounds. We are passionate about Deaf Mental Health. Our aim is to help people receive counselling in the preferred communication style of choice.


What we offer

  • NHS Applications (free to you counselling)
  • Privately Paid Counselling at £48 (Paid by Session)
  • A Discounted Super6 at £228 (6 sessions paid in advance)

Our service is accessible using sign language, you can choose your counsellor based on the communication style used by the counsellor, Visit our team page to view the counsellors signing their profiles.


Counselling communication

You can choose a counsellor that works with:

  • British Sign Language Users
  • Cochlear Implant Deaf
  • Oral (a mixture of sign and spoken word)
  • Irish Sign Language
  • American Sign Language
  • International Sign Language